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Crystal Therapy 

How does Crystal Healing work? 

At an atomic level, everything in the universe is in constant state of motion. This motion causes waves of energy to be formed. This energy permeates & surrounds everything that exists, & is called Universal life-force energy. This energy is present around every living being as well as every inanimate object upon the planet. This makes sense when we think about it, as everything, including the metals, woods, synthetics & plastics that we surround ourselves with in our modern world, all originated from natural organic compounds & are all constantly vibrating at an atomic level.

Crystals are not inanimate either; at an atomic level they too are a molecular mass, constantly vibrating & resonating with a particular frequency. Their internal atomic structure, arranged into exact geometric patterns, is known as the crystal ‘lattice’, which is constant & represents perfect order. This gives them their specific energy signature & healing powers.

Many people are aware that Quartz & other crystals play a crucial role in our technology. For example computers (silicon chips), broadcasting equipment, telephones, radios, microphones, clocks, watches, credit & debit cards, lasers & surgical instruments. Crystal Therapists have long known that Clear Quartz can be 'programmed' to do specific jobs, & modern technology is actually revealing to us exactly how possible this is. It is the programming placed into the silicon chips of many of our modern pieces of equipment that actually makes them do their jobs. It is the 'intent' given to the Quartz component that makes any machine perform its specific tasks. 

We too are constantly vibrating at an atomic level & recent research by biophysicists has shown that the DNA contained in each cell of living organisms is a hexagonal crystal structure.  If we think about it, this makes sense. These tiny strands contain so much energy & information – to grow & repair the body, to allocate different jobs to each cell as it is formed & to allow every part of the body to be in constant communication with every other part. In effect, this means that we are big liquid crystals.         

Therefore it is not surprising that the crystal energy signatures resonate with & interact with the crystals within our bodies (or that of any living organism). Or that we may be able to influence & programme the crystal’s energy by focusing our own energy & intent into them. In this way energy can be exchanged between us & the crystal, & balance restored to the body, mind & spirit. 

Each crystal is made up of a collection of chemicals that vibrate with a specific frequency, known as their chemical composition. When we bring any particular crystal into our energy field, the change in frequency is picked up & stimulates the crystals in our body. We also have many of these chemicals as trace elements in our bodies. These traces respond to external vibration & are activated, making our bodies believe there is more of the chemical than there truly is. Because the chemicals within crystals are arranged into a perfect state within the crystal lattice, so too do the chemicals within our body start to re-organise themselves into a more perfect state, & hence a physical , mental or emotional healing can occur. These events also trigger biochemical shifts in the brain, creating chemical & hormonal responses that affect the physical body, the mind & emotions, & can also affect the brain function, which may produce what is known as a spiritual experience.

Biophysics also demonstrates that the interaction of energy produces light & heat. As each cell is a tiny powerhouse of energy, there is an hypothesis that light & heat produced from the millions of cells in our bodies could be the source of our electromagnetic field, & the colours in our aura & chakras. Kirlian photography (the technology of which is based around Quartz crystals again) is now capable of capturing these heat & light frequencies emitted constantly by the physical body & turning them into into their alternate colour vibrations. This is how the aura & chakra colours have now been photographed.

The physical & auric colour of the crystals can be used to bring the related chakra back into balance. Like cures like – a green crystal can be used to work upon the physical heart, bringing in loving energy, self-acceptance & general good health by placing it over the heart chakra. This is one of the basic tenets of colour therapy & also crystal healing.

We hope you have found this helpful, 

Love, Light and blessings

Gillian and Matthew

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