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Amethyst, Brandberg tumblestone

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Brandberg Amethyst (Namibia) crystal healing mineral tumblestone. 

Also known as Brandberg Quartz. 


Said to be one of the most pure, high-vibrational stones in the crystal kingdom with the ability to help you to grow spiritually 

It is also believed to help us to journey within ourselves for the answers we need to find, bringing profound transformational shifts.

All crystals and stones purchased from Phoenix Wings will be accompanied by an information sheet containing some of the metaphysical properties associated with it.


All crystals and stones purchased from Phoenix Wings will be accompanied by an information sheet containing some of the metaphysical properties associated with it.


Healing Properties of Brandberg Amethyst (Namibia)


Also known as Brandberg Quartz, these crystals are pure high-vibrational energy, with the healing properties of Quartz which amplifies positive energy, Amethyst for calm, peace, faith, spirituality & activation of third eye chakra, Fenster Quartz which is for looking within to find answers and Enhydro (water bubbles within the stone) which relates to deep emotions, empathy, compassion, adaptability & metamorphosis. Very protective stone for times of emotional upheaval & transformation, it may bring old issues to surface for you to heal so that you can grow spiritually.


Please note: Crystals, minerals and tumblestones are natural products and may vary in size, colour and markings.  They may also contain natural flaws and inclusions.  Any damage done by human hands, such as chips or marks, will be mentioned in the listing. 

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