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Jasper, Bird's Eye tumblestone

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Phoenix Wings Crystals tumblestones:

Bird’s Eye Jasper crystal healing mineral tumblestone.

(Also known as Bird’s Eye Rhyolite)

Said to be a powerful crystal for linking with ancient wisdom, shamanism and animal spirits.

Also believed to assist in connection to the Angelic realms.


All crystals and stones purchased from Phoenix Wings will be accompanied by an information sheet containing some of the metaphysical properties associated with it.


Healing Properties of Bird's Eye Jasper (Mexico)

(Also known as Bird’s Eye Rhyolite)

Teaches microcosm is equal to macrocosm, as above, so below. Shows us structure of outer shell of each cell of body is linked with the integrity & health of auric field. Deeply Shamanic, linking with ancient wisdom, guides & animal spirits, has a tribal energy & can be used in rituals to connect with ancestral line. At same time brings heart activation & links with Angelic Realm. Provides flight in meditation/journeying & activates Merkabah around aura for travel to higher realms. Works on confidence issues & emotional trauma, warmth, circulation, throat, oesophagus & cellular function.


Please note: Crystals, minerals and tumblestones are natural products and may vary in size, colour and markings.  They may also contain natural flaws and inclusions.  Any damage done by human hands, such as chips or marks, will be mentioned in the listing.

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