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Moldavite Tektite 3.10g

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Moldavite Tektite Crystal Healing Mineral 3.10 gram

Many believe that Moldavites were formed when a large meteorite exploded above the Bohemian Plateau in the Czech Republic approximately 14.8 million years ago. An alternative view is that Moldavite has been gifted to the Earth from an extraterrestrial source, bestowing a powerful connection for many users to Star beings, galactic culture and knowledge.


A glassy mixture of silicon dioxide and metal oxides, with a hardness of between 5.5 and 6 on the MOHS Scale, it is only found around the Vlatva River delta, is the only deep green Tektite in the world and is becoming increasingly rare.


Prehistoric amulets and talismans have been found dating back at least 25,000 years, signifying the spiritual regard for its power held since the earliest times of mankind.


This Tektite has the potential to be life-changing, but don’t let that scare you! It is also amazing and fun to work with.


 A very important lightworker’s tool, Moldavite is known to be the stone of transformation, able to facilitate a powerfully accelerated spiritual evolution.   It has been used to activate all chakras to release the user from any negativity and blockages, and outworn past beliefs, thought forms & patterning that no longer serves our greatest good. It works deep into the body, even down to the molecular level to bring profound healing to any condition. Aids us in meditation, intuition & supports us through times of change.



A carrier of storm energy, Moldavite has a high and very intense vibration, capable of bestowing incredible physical, emotional and spiritual cleansing and healing to those who come into contact with it. It is also a very powerful dream and meditation crystal, enhancing our connection to guides, and expanding our awareness and experience, whilst gifting strong spiritual protection to the user.

All crystals and stones purchased from Phoenix Wings will be accompanied by an information sheet containing some of the metaphysical properties associated with it.


Metaphysical Properties of Moldavite (Tektite)

Important lightworker’s tool. Can be used on all chakras to release the user from any negativity, blockages, past beliefs, thought forms & patterning. Works deep into the body, even unto the molecular level to bring profound healing to any condition. Aids meditation, intuition & supports us through times of change.


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