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Nuummite tumblestone

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Phoenix Wings Crystals tumblestones: 

Nuummite (Greenland) healing crystal mineral tumblestone.


Said to be an excellent crystal for facing and integrating the shadow-self, aspects of ourselves that we have suppressed due to instilled beliefs in what is right and wrong.

Also believed to assist with psychic gifts, magic, meditation and Shamanic healing. 


Please note:  All crystals and stones purchased from Phoenix Wings will be accompanied by an information sheet containing some of the metaphysical properties associated with it. 


Healing Properties of Nuummite (Greenland)


World’s oldest stone, believed to be around 3 billion years old.


A stone of inner power, assisting the magician’s quest for self-mastery, and transformation of ungrounded fantasy into magical reality. A powerful stone for shamans, who perform soul retrievals, it assists in locating and integrating parts/ aspects of the self that have become separated from the whole. Also a powerful meditative tool, and a strong energy for psychic and mental healing, it teaches us to bravely face and learn to love our shadow self or aspects we have denied or vilified. Facilitates psychic experiences, clairvoyance, intuition and altered states of consciousness.


Please note: Crystals, minerals and tumblestones are natural products and may vary in size, colour and markings. They may also contain natural flaws and inclusions. Any damage done by human hands, such as chips or marks, will be mentioned in the listing.

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