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Stromatolite tumblestone

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Phoenix Wings Crystals tumblestones:

Stromatolite crystal healing mineral tumblestone.


Said to be a powerful crystal for reoxygenation of the entire body, ancient Stromatolite bacteria is believed to be the first living organism that exhaled oxygen.

Also believed to assist us with spinal and chakra realignment.


All crystals and stones purchased will be accompanied by the following information sheet containing some of the metaphysical properties.


Healing Properties of Stromatolite (New Zealand)


Instantly aligns the chakras and spinal column, opens pathway from base to crown for Kundalini energy. Connects us to higher vibrational universal energy. Works on blood, slows pulse rate yet brings warmth to the extremities.   Re balances left-right brain hemispheres and grounds energy. Also works on kidneys, liver, intestines, bowel, bladder and elimination system.   Provides protection energy to body and muffles sound to ears – ideal for meditation. Good for headaches. Connection to fire elementals.


Please note: Crystals, minerals and tumblestones are natural products and may vary in size, colour and markings.  They may also contain natural flaws and inclusions.  Any damage done by human hands, such as chips or marks, will be mentioned in the listing.


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